Lincoln Teachers and Staff

Meet Lincoln’s Principal

Mukta Sambrani is a lifelong learner, writer, and a committed educator. She has been a teacher and an administrator focused on rigor, excellence, and equity. She brings deep coaching experience focused on high quality instruction, equity and restorative justice. Ms. Sambrani believes in building strong relationships with teachers, staff, students, and families.

Ms. Sambrani has served as assistant principal at Edna Brewer Middle School in Oakland Unified for six years. She holds a BA in English from Bombay University, an MA and M.Phil in English and an MFA in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University. Ms. Sambrani also has an M. Ed. in Educational Leadership and an administrative credential from the Reach Institute for School Leadership.

Ms. Sambrani has worked to support curriculum development and she has worked on reducing the number of student discipline incidents through restorative practices and by integrating Social Emotional Learning practices in classrooms. She works collaboratively with teachers and with teams on instruction and culture/climate. She works with families  to better understand their needs partnering with community organizations to bring in resources to support all students and families.

Ms. Sambrani believes that education is the passport to the world. Her education took her on an international journey and has brought amazing opportunities to her. She hopes to create exciting opportunities for all learners. Educational excellence and opportunity to nurture cultural diversity attracted Mukta to Lincoln Elementary. She hopes to create a lasting legacy of educational excellence and sustained equity at Lincoln.

Main Office & Administration

Sambrani, PrincipalCassandra Tesch, Assistant PrincipalYuting Huang,
Administrative Assistant
Zhen Shen,
Attendance Specialist
Tina Lui,
Community Relations

TK & Kindergarten Teachers

1st Grade Teachers

2nd Grade Teachers

3rd Grade Teachers

4th Grade Teachers

5th Grade Teachers


Stip Subs

Victor Chan


Intervention & Prep TeamsNoon Supervision TeamsSpeech, RSP & Music TeamsCustodial Team
Dale Binkley,
Part time ELD support provider
Meina Li,
Noon Supervisor
K.C. Chua,
Speech Therapist
Lana Cheung,
Head Custodian
Sally Stosich,
Part time Reading Interventionist
Sandy Liu,
Noon Supervisor
Deborah Nelson,
RSP Teacher
Shaorong Kuang (Mr. Jeffrey),
Anne Marie Adams,
Newcomer Academic Mentor
Eugenie Nzodjou,
Noon Supervisor
Morrell Smith,
Temp (Benny),
Jennifer Lee and Alice Jones,
School Psychologists
Tom Prince, Literacy Coach (Consultant)
Kerri Frederick,
Joshua Diamant,
3-5 and afterschool strings
Shirley Tsai,
Computer Teacher
Conway Tan (Cantare),
K-2 and Music Stars
Kathy Gin, TK Tutor (Seeds)