Reminder – GDP Funding Requests Due 11/24

The Golden Dragon Project, or GDP, is a 501c3 nonprofit organization formed in 2012 by parent volunteers.  GDP supports Lincoln’s efforts to ensure successful learning experiences and quality educational opportunities for our students.  Every dollar raised by GDP is donated back to Lincoln.

In the past, that money has gone to support classroom supplies, music lessons and the school library.  For the 2014-2015 school year, Principal Huthman requested technological upgrades.  The GDP listened, and we purchased Chrome Books for testing/technology upgrades.

Beginning in 2015-2016, GDP will distribute most of the money it raises through a funding request process.  All members of the Lincoln community are invited to request funding for particular projects.  The GDP Board, which consists of the Principals, two Teachers, the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and three at-large members, will then vote on which projects to fund.  If we do not have enough money to fund all of the projects, we will try to raise the additional money requested.

Project requests are due by Tuesday, November 24, 2015You must use the Funding Request Form available here.  Once you have filled it out, either drop it off at the Parent Center or email it to  Email is preferred.

On Tuesday, December 8, 2015, the GDP Board will meet at 6 pm in the Faculty Lounge.  This meeting is open to the Lincoln Community, but only the members of the GDP Board will be able to vote at this meeting.  We will discuss all proposals submitted.  Our decisions will be guided by input from the Principals and Teachers, as well as the GDP Purpose Statement.

Please visit the GDP page and the GDP Funding Request page for more information.

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