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Week of 4/4 – Lincoln Breakfast & Lunch Menus

What is for breakfast this week? / 這星期的早餐餐單是什麼?

  • Monday: Beef Sausage Sandwich, Cereal, Fresh Fruit, 100% Fruit Juice, Milk
  • Tuesday: Cinnamon French Toast, Twin Berry Bar, Tangerine/Mandarin, Applesauce, Milk
  • Wednesday: Vegetarian Sausage Sandwich, Bagel w/cream cheese, Granny Smith Apple, 100% Fruit Juice, Milk
  • Thursday: Chicken Biscuit Sandwich, Cereal, Banana, Applesauce, Milk
  • Friday: Egg+Chili’s Biscuit, Cara Cara Orange, Raisins, Milk

What is for lunch this week? / 這星期的午餐餐單是甚麼?

  • Monday: Grilled Cheese (V, FP), Nachos (FP), Tangerine/Mandarin, Salad Bar, Milk, Chocolate Milk
  • Tuesday: Vegetarian Pizza (V), Pepperoni Pizza (P), Granny Smith Apple, Salad Bar, Milk
  • Wednesday: Bean & Cheese Burrito, Veggie Bolognese Sauce (V, FP), Banana, Salad Bar, Milk
  • Thursday: Quesadilla (V,FP), BBQ Chicken with Red Beans and Rice, Cara Cara Orange, Salad Bar, Milk
  • Friday: Fish Sticks w Roll, BBQ Chicken Sandwich, Pink Lady Apple, Salad Bar, Milk

Notes: V=vegetarian, P=pork, FP=freshly prepared
注:V =素食,P =豬肉,FP =新鮮配製

Click here for the full April breakfast and lunch menus!


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