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Spring Carnival Online Only Ticket Pre-Sale – Starts Today! / 春季嘉年華會網上預售 – 從今天開始!

Don’t want to wait in line at the Spring Carnival? Buy your tickets now through the Spring Carnival’s Online Only ticket pre-sale today! Just bring your picture ID to pick up tickets at “Will Call”.
想避免在春季嘉年華會排隊等候?現在可透過春季嘉年華會網上預售 – 從今天開始!春季嘉年華會的網頁預購門票!只需帶同有照片之身分證件到“Will Call”處領取門票。

Eventbrite - 2016 Lincoln Spring Carnival

2016 Spring Carnival Details / 2016年春季嘉年華會詳情

Proceeds from the 2015-2016 Spring Carnival support Lincoln Library and Reading Programs.

  • Date / 日期: May 15, 2016
  • Time / 時間 : 10 am to 4 pm
  • Location / 地點: Lincoln School Playground / 林肯學校操場

Price List / 價目表

Admission Price / 門票價格

  • Adults (18 and over, picture ID required) – Free
    成人(18歲或以上,需要有照片之身分證明) – 免費
  • Kids (4 years old and under free) – Free
    兒童(4歲及以下免費) – 免費
  • Kids (5 to 17 years old) – $5.00 (+$1.12 fee per admission ticket for online purchases)
    兒童(5至17歲)- $5.00(如網上購票,需另付$1.12手續費)

Activity, Games, and Booth Tickets / 活動、遊戲和攤位門票

  • 1 ticket – $1.00 (+1.02 fee per ticket for online purchases)
    每張門票 – $1.00(如網上購票,需另付$1.02手續費)
  • 22 tickets in one ticket book – $20.00 (+$1.49 fee per ticket book for online purchases)
    每套門票內有22張票 – $20.00(如網上購票,需另付$1.49手續費)

Raffle Tickets for a chance to win $100 Grand Prize or $50 Runner-up Prize

  • 1 ticket – $1.00 (+1.02 fee per ticket for online purchases)
    每張門票 – $1.00(如網上購票,需另付$1.02手續費)
  • 25 tickets – $20.00 (+$1.49 fee per ticket book for online purchases)
    25張門票 – $20.00(如網上購票,需另付$1.49手續費)

 Donation Only / 捐款

  • If you cannot make it to the Carnival or would like to make a small donation to help support the Lincoln Library and Reading Programs, click on the “Buy Tickets” button above to donate.
    如您未能參與嘉年華會或希望作一些捐款,以幫助支持林肯圖書館和閱讀計劃,請點擊上面“Buy Tickets”按鈕作捐款。

How to Purchase Tickets / 如何購買門票

In-Person / 親臨購票

  • Purchase tickets in person on the day of the Carnival at the admission booth

Online / 網上購票

  • Purchase tickets in advance online. A per ticket fee applies for online purchases.
  • Click on the “Buy Tickets” button
    點擊 “Buy Tickets” 按鈕
  • Pick up your tickets at the “Will Call” line at the Carnival (please bring picture ID)
    在嘉年華會當日到“Will Call”處領取門票(請出示有照片之身分證件)



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