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A Note from the GDP President

See below or download the note here.

Greetings Lincoln Parents:

My name is Terry, and I was recently elected president of the Golden Dragon Project (GDP), Lincoln’s volunteer parent organization.  It is an honor to be selected for this position by fellow parents and the Lincoln staff.  I pledge to work hard and ensure our students and Lincoln staff have the necessary funding and resources available to provide an environment that fosters academic knowledge, intellectual curiosity, imaginative thought, and social responsibility in our children.

As the GDP secretary last year, I worked with the GDP Board and Lincoln Parents to raise over $30,000 from fundraisers, including the walk-a-thon and carnival.  The funds were spent on needs identified by Lincoln teachers, such as, field trips, the arts, computers, math and science, among other valuable enrichment activities for our students.

See this link for details on this year’s funded projects.

The Lincoln teachers’ expressed needs have been 100 percent fulfilled over the past two years as a result of the GDP’s commitment to raising funds for our school community and, most importantly, your continued support and involvement with the school, classroom, and your student’s learning journey.

The success of each year’s events and fundraisers are due in large part to our dedicated and passionate volunteers! We would like to recognize our 2015-2016 volunteers. Lincoln Elementary School and the GDP sends a BIG thank you to all the volunteers for your help at the carnival on May 15, 2016 and walk-a-thon on October 18, 2015. Both events were successful, fun community events for our students. We truly appreciate your time. We will keep you posted on future events, and look forward to putting together next year’s events together.

Enjoy your summer and please connect with Lincoln Elementary School online. If you have questions, please email us at lincolnschooloakland@gmail.com.

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Best wishes,


GDP President



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