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Limited Amount of T-Shirts for Sale on the First Day of School!

Dear Lincoln Parents (親愛的林肯家長),

The Golden Dragon Project will be selling a limited supply of red t-shirts on the first day of school (Monday August 22, 2016).  Location will be at the yard at 8:15 a.m.  To avoid delays, please bring exact change ($10 for short sleeves, $13 for long sleeves, and $17 for polos).  Credit cards can be used, but you will be assessed a small fee.

金龍計劃將在開學的第一天(2016年8月22日,星期一)限量售賣紅色T恤。售賣地點將在學校后院,時間為早上08時15分。為避免延誤,請攜帶確實金額購買(短袖衫為$ 10,長袖衫為$ 13,有領短袖衫$ 17)。亦可使用信用卡,但需要付手續費。


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Lincoln Elementary School would like to thank its sponsors (林肯小學多謝以下贊助商):


-Terry GDP President (主席)


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