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Thank You!

There are a very limited amount of YXS red polos, YM-YXL red long sleeves, and YXS-YL red t shirts available for sale. Swing by the Parent Center before the shirts sell out!


Special thank you to all the parents and kids who showed up and visited the Lincoln Booth at the street festival last Saturday: Cheryl H. and family, Craig Y. (Cheryl’s brother), Justine N., Dharma G., Michelle C., Larry S., Arlene L., Chip M., Terry, Sui S., Lorita C. (Port of Oakland/Asian Employees Association volunteer)


Special thanks to Port of Oakland for sponsoring the Oakland Chinatown StreetFest booth and donating envelopes for the upcoming Walkathon.



現尚餘少量加細碼紅色有領 T恤、中碼至加大碼紅色長袖衫和加細碼紅色T恤。請趕快在T恤售完前到家長中心購買!


特別感謝Port of Oakland 贊助在屋崙華埠街會的攤位,並捐贈信封予即將舉行的步行籌款活動。

Also (此外):

social media

Lincoln Elementary School would like to thank its sponsors (林肯小學多謝以下贊助商):


Terry GDP President (主席)


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