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Calling All Parents!

Calling ALL Parents and Guardians!  We need to hear from you.  This is the time of year when we are planning and budgeting for next year.  It is important for you to let us know what types of parent education you would like to have at Lincoln.  For example, let us know if you would like to have English classes again next year.  Would you like nutrition classes?  Would parenting classes about adolescence and middle school help?  Would you like tips on how to help with homework, organization, and study skills?  What if we had classes about different phases and stages of childhood that you may experience and what do expect.  What other ideas do you have?  WE NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU! 

You will see large white posters all over the school with pens attached.  Please write your thoughts, questions, or ideas for parent classes and workshops!


所有家長們和監護人請注意!我們需要聽到你的聲音。現在正是我們規劃和預算明年的時候。所以現在非常重要是我們能夠了解家長們希望在林肯小學舉辦什麼類型的家庭教育講座。例如,家長們還希望學校明年繼續舉辦英語課和營養課嗎?有沒有興趣參與關於青春期的講座和中學知詢的幫助?你希望得到如何幫助學生做作業,有條理和學習技巧提示嗎?如果我們有關於不同童年經歷的成語和階段的課程, 你會有興趣嗎?你還有什麼其他想法?我們需要你告知我們!



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