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Community Meeting!

Community Flyer meeting

There is a community meeting coming up about making improvements to the Lincoln Rec Center that is adjacent to our school.  It is important for members of the Lincoln Elementary School Community to attend this meeting so that our voices are all heard.  We need to make sure the park is improved to include better safety features for our students who use that facility as our recess playground and for PE classes.  Please spread the word about this to other parents and try to attend yourself.  Monday, March 20th, 2:30pm-4:00 pm at the Lincoln Rec Center Gymnasium.  The more folks who attend, the stronger our voice will be.  We need to be heard as a community so that our students can have a safe place to play outside.

將會有一個社區會議 關於如何改進我們學校鄰近的林肯休閒育樂中心。對於林肯小學社區的成員來說,是非常重要參加這次會議,然而我們的聲音才能被聽到。林肯小學的學生使用林肯休閒育樂中心的設施作為小息和體育課場所, 所以我們需要確保林肯休閒育樂中心的改建將會為我們的學生提供更好的安全設施。請將這個社區會議傳播給其他家長們,並自己嘗試參加會議。會議將於3月20日星期一下午2:30時 至4時在林肯休閒育樂中心的體育室舉行。參加的人數越多,我們的聲音就越強。作為一個社區,我們的聲音需要被聽到,這樣我們的學生在外面玩時才可以擁有有一個安全的環境。


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