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Network Superintendent and Reminder / 區域主管和提醒

The OUSD Network Superintendent (LaResha Martin) will attend this Wednesday’s GDP meeting.  The meeting is from 5:45pm to 7pm at the Lincoln Faculty Lounge.  Children are welcome, and translation services will be provided.  Please have your questions ready.  TK-2 PARENTS ARE NEEDED.
Reminder: The Contare Lunar New Year’s Concert is this Friday (February 1, 2019).  Doors open at 6pm.  ADMISSION IS FREE, and SHOOTING STAR CAFE WILL DONATE DELICIOUS FOOD.
屋崙校區區域主管(LaResha Martin)將出席本星期三的GDP會議,會議時間為下午5:45至晚上7時在林肯教員休息室舉行,歡迎小童到來,並提供翻譯服務,請準備你希望發問的問題,十分鼓勵TK-2年級家長參與。

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