Food Bag from Alameda County Food Bank/阿拉米達縣食物銀行送贈免費食物袋

The Alameda County Community Food Bank will have the Children’s Backpack Program for Lincoln School. This program provides a bag of shelf-stable food to children in need to take home and eat when school meals are not available. The bags are distributed twice a month. Since our school qualifies for the Community Eligibility Program, all students qualify for food bags. Each student is limited to one bag per delivery. We will have the application distributed in September 2017. Please fill out the form and return to Tina in the Parent Center. For Lincoln School, we are allowed to take the first 200 registered children.

阿拉米達縣食物銀行再次送贈免費食物袋予林肯小學學生,此計劃將於每月派發兩次罐頭類食物予學生。由於我校已獲免費午餐,因此所有學生也符合資格申請,每學生可獲取一份。由於食物袋數量有限,名額將分發予首200名遞交表格的申請者,先到先得。請填妥申請表格, 並交回家長中心。

To learn more, please visit the Alameda County Community Food Bank website or check out the video below:

如欲知更多,請瀏覽網站Alameda County Community Food Bank website 或查看以下視頻:

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