Shopping Programs

Help earn money for our school now!
Lincoln is currently exploring participation in the following programs to earn “free” money money for the school. Once these programs are active, you don’t have to do much, and these small actions could bring in thousands of dollars for our school.

Did you know that your Amazon purchases can benefit the Lincoln School Community? Simply start at, then log in to your account. Everything is exactly the same, except now 0.5% of your purchase price will be donated to your choice of charitable organization.


There are hundreds of retailers that are a part of The E-Scrip Program like Amazon, Apple iTunes, Petsmart, Staples, Target, 24 Hour Fitness, just to name a few. So the next time you’re ordering online, check the eScrip On-Line Mall first! No need to register or sign-up as long as you use the link below. Friends, family and neighbors can also use this link and help earn money for our school as well!


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