H2 = Page Tile, red #960200

H4 = Large Section Heading, red #960200

H3 = Section Heading, dark gray #464646

Paragraph text, dark gray #464646

spacer below each section, set width in right panel to 20px

Paragraph with an inline image. Start a paragraph section. then hover over down arrow on paragraph to see drop down. select inline image. Must set image before the text. cbnpisjdbpuvibdfsibvifbv d vlsdb pdf ilbdslbv ldbvlisdb vb sdlbcvlksd c ldsbvcli dslbc dlbc lbcv lsbdijbflsbc sdbsdlobdfbld dklbcpsdbilbsd v;sd ldsbnv ds’ /ncsdh dhb;vh p;d. Spacer below.

Above is the gallery option. If a fourth image is added it will be larger and place below the other 3.

I you want to add a link, add text you want to make the link. select it and click the link button that appears above. Make sure you click the down arrow next to the link box and select “open in a new window” tab. exp OUSD