School Policies

Lincoln Start Time, Tardy, and Ending Time Policy

Parents, please make sure children are at school by 8:25am. If students arrive after the second bell at 8:35am, they will be marked tardy and they need to have a late slip from the office.

All 3rd-5th grade students must line up with their class in Yard B before school and may not wait in the hallways before school.

In order for us to maintain safe hallways, we need to keep them clear of adults who do not have a visitor badge. At the end of the school day, parents are not allowed in the school hallways until the dismissal bell rings at 2:45pm (1:15pm on minimum days). Entering the hallway early disrupts the end of school for students and teachers.

Lincoln Uniform Policy

All students must wear a red shirt as part of the Lincoln school uniform. T-shirts and polo shirts with the school name and logo are available for purchase at the Parent Center. Start with the Shirt Order Form.

Lincoln Visitor Policy

All visitors to the school campus must sign in at the school office located in the main building and wear a Visitor’s badge prior to entering any other part of the campus. California Penal Code 627.2 prohibits visitors from entering or remaining on school grounds without permission. The violation of California Penal Code 627.2 is an infraction and violators will be cited.

Lincoln Label Policy

Please label the following items with the student’s name and his/her teacher’s name:

  • Water bottles
  • Jackets
  • Lunch bags/boxes
  • Backpack

Lincoln Food Policy & Lunch Bags

Our school is on a Community Eligibility Program which means all students will be receiving free meals this year. Several of our students bring their own lunch to school. Please note that we do not allow “junk food” at school, which we describe as potato chips, candy, or gum. Please send your child to school with healthy food. If your child has food allergies, see your child’s teacher or the Lincoln front office to receive a form to request a modified menu from the school cafeteria. For links to the forms, please visit OUSD Medical and HIPAA Forms.

Lincoln Adult and Student Restrooms

Student restrooms are for children only. Adults can get the restroom key from the main office to access the adult restrooms in the foyer. For safety reasons, no adults are allowed in any of the student restrooms. It is the community’s responsibility to keep our students safe. Please help us by reminding other parents to use the adult restrooms.

Lincoln Lost & Found

Please check the Lost & Found racks at the main entrance for your child’s belongings. Please be respectful of others’ belongings and only take what belongs to you.

Lincoln Recess Policy

For the safety of the children and staff, there will be no footballs, tennis balls, or frisbees used on the yard during recess. Please make sure that your students do not bring these items to school.

School Norms- The Lincoln Way Slides

School Norms- The Lincoln Way Posters