Parent update, Week 1- August 8- 12, 2022

Dear Lincoln Families,

Welcome to the 2022-23 school year. I am thrilled to announce that Mr. Sung (John) Lee, veteran Lincoln educator and respected teacher leader has stepped into an administrative role to support our students, staff and community as Lincoln’s Assistant Principal. Thank you Mr. Lee for your hard work and dedication!

Tomorrow- Monday, August 8, 2022 is the first day of school. Thank you teachers and staff and parent and community organizations for your hard work and support to start us off this year. Many thanks to our PTO-Golden Dragon Project, the Lions Club of Chinatown, Oakland Ed Fund and Office Depot for supporting our back  to school efforts. Here is a review of some important information also shared in previous emails:

Masks: Masks are highly recommended. Masks are provided at the main entrance on 11th street and at the side gate on Alice street.

Schedule: Our school day will begin at 8:25 am. Gates on 10th street, 11th street and Alice street will be opened at 8:00 am. Please be aware that there is no supervision for students dropped of before 8:00 am. Every day during the first week of school is a minimum day for all students. Students in grades TK- 3 are dismissed at 1:15 pm and students in grades 4-5 dismissed at 1:20 pm.  

Meals: We will provide breakfast in the classroom. We will also provide lunch. Lunch is served in the cafeteria. We will continue to hold 6 lunch periods with Covid- 19 safety in mind. If your student has particular food allergies, please let their teacher know at drop off.

Red shirts: Lincoln students are expected to wear red Lincoln shirts and athletic shoes everyday. If students do not have red Lincoln shirts, any red shirt will do. Lincoln red shirts can also be ordered online at

Registration support: In case you missed registration, also known as data confirmation, our staff and parent volunteers will help you after drop off in the morning. I ask that you exercise patience. We are a large, diverse and multilingual school community. Our staff and volunteers will help you or, they will set up a time for you to come back for help. If you wish to make an appointment for help with registration on a different day during the week, please email Ms. Pikshan (Tina) Lui, our amazing Community Relations Assistant at

Immunization information- only for new to Lincoln families: Our wonderful Attendance Specialist, Ms. Shen will meet new to Lincoln families on Yard A, near the play structure starting at 8:30 am, to collect immunization information. You can also email your child’s immunization information to her at

Here is a look at the week ahead:

August 8- August 12, 2022- Minimum Days for all students: 1:15 dismissal TK-3, 1:20 dismissal 4-5

And next week:

August 15- August 21, 2022- Minimum Days in Tk- K only: 1:15 dismissal

Wednesday, August 17, 2022- Minimum Day for all students: 1:15 dismissal TK-3, 1:20 dismissal 4-5

Lincoln Site Access and Safety:

  • Lincoln Elementary is located in a high density, high traffic area. Lincoln Elementary is best accessed on foot at drop off and pick up times. Parents and guardians should park further away from the school, near the post office or near the lake and take a short walk to Lincoln Elementary to avoid traffic congestion. Double parking is unsafe and will result in tickets from the City of Oakland.
  • Starting week 2, we will lock school gates at 8:40 am for student and staff safety. Students and parents arriving late will have to ring the doorbell at the main entrance on 11th street. All students arriving late are expected to sign in at the main entrance for attendance accuracy. Office staff have to record attendance for tardy students.
  • Masking is highly encouraged. If individuals wish to make a different choice,  I ask that everyone respect their choice.
  • Parents and guardians may not enter hallways, classrooms or the cafeteria in keeping with Covid19 safety guidelines.
  • Students in grades TK- 1st must be dropped off and picked up from Yard A, which is accessible through the gates on 10th and 11th streets.
  • Students in grades 2nd- 5th must be dropped off and picked up from Yard B on the Alice street side. Please do not double park on 10th or 11th streets. 
  • This year, breakfast will be served in classrooms, after the bell.
  • Lines to meet teachers will form starting at 8:15 am and teachers will meet students at their lines at 8:25 am. Names of teachers are posted on the walls and fence on Yards A and B.
  • Please know that we are staggering our lunch schedule to keep students and staff safe. There are a total of 8 air purifiers and 3 fans and 2 industrial exhaust fans placed in the Lincoln cafeteria to maintain student and staff safety. Additionally, when entering and exiting the cafeteria I expect students to maintain-“Calm body, quiet voice” When dining in the cafeteria I expect students to follow- “Masks off, voices off.” These measures enhance cafeteria safety.
  • Classes placed in modified quarantine will eat outdoors and have a separate recess.     
  • Please remember to contact me- immediately if your student or a close contact- relative or friend tests positive for Covid-19. 

Thank you for your attention to this important message.

With collaboration, acceptance, respect and empathy,

Ms. Sambrani

Principal, Lincoln Elementary School