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Warriors Watch Party!


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GDP Meeting-New Parents Welcome! / GDP 會議-歡迎新家長參與!

Dear Lincoln Parents / 親愛的林肯家長:
The next Golden Dragon Project (GDP) meeting is on June 5, 2017 (Monday) from 5:45pm to 7:00pm.  All parents to include incoming TK/K parents are welcome.  This meeting is important, because we will be voting for the 2017-2018 GDP board.
下次的金龍計劃會議將於2017年6月5日(星期一)下午5:45至7:00在職員休息室舉行,歡迎所有家長包括過渡幼稚園/幼稚園家長參與。這是一次重要會議,因為我們將選出2017-2018年度GDP 職員。
T-shirts: Did you forget to turn in your t-shirt order form today? No worries.  Order t-shirts online by 11:59pm tonight (June 2, 2017).
T恤: 你今天有否忘記遞交T恤訂購表格? 不用擔心,你可於今晚11:59前(2017年6月2日)在網上訂購。
GDP President 主席
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Thank you Carnival volunteers/多謝嘉年華會義工


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Thank You for Supporting the 2017 Lincoln Carnival! / 感謝您對2017林肯嘉年華的支持!

Lincoln Parents 林肯家長,

Please enjoy the beautiful photos taken by GDP volunteer Bezi.

Additionally, order your RED SHIRTS ASAP!  Deadline is June 2, 2017.

此外,請盡快訂購紅色襯衫! 截止日期為201762日。



GDP President 主席

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Order Red Shirts by 06/02/17! / 於2017年6月2日前訂購紅色T恤!


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Avoid the lines. Save $$$$! / 避免排隊,節省$$$$!

A limited amount of discounted carnival tickets are available at the Parent Center!  Last day to purchase discounted tickets is Friday, May 19, 2017.
家長中心提供有限數量的特價嘉年華會門票! 最後一天優惠為2017年5月19日(星期五)。

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Only 4 days left until the Lincoln Carnival! 只剩4天便到林肯嘉年華會!

UntitledUntitled.jpg 2

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Sponsors and Raffle Donations needed for Carnival 嘉年華會需要贊助和抽獎捐款(May 21, 2017 / 2017年5月21日)!

We are actively soliciting corporate sponsors who are willing to help partner with us to sustain our goal of excellent academics and educational enrichment programs through corporate sponsorship of the school. Please help us keep educational levels high for the children of our Oakland Chinatown school.

Sponsorship packet available here 商業贊助計劃 !

Annual Sponsorship Levels 贊助等級

  • $500: Company name and logo displayed on the annual Walk-a-thon and Spring Carnival print promotional materials distributed to our 700+ families and posted throughout the community.
    $500: 公司名字及標誌將顯示在我們將分派予超過700家庭的步行籌款和春季嘉年華會宣傳單張,並張貼整個社區。
  • $1200: In addition to the above, Company name and logo will be featured on our school’s website for the entire year. The website receives ~ 550 unique visitors /month and 3000+ views/month.
    $1200: 除上述外,公司名字及標誌亦會全年顯示在我們學校的網站上。這網站共有~每月550個獨特訪客和每月超過3000次瀏覽。

Other Opportunities 其他機會

Interested in partnering with GDP to increase your sales? GDP nights at restaurants and stores is one example of an effective marketing strategy. Donations of playground/school supplies or other items works too! Contact us directly to craft a campaign that will fit your business perfectly!





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Lincoln Elementary Spring Carnival / 林肯小學春季嘉年華會 – 5/21/17


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EBMUD – Second Smoke Testing Notice (EBMUD – 煙霧測試二次通知)

Smoke Testing is This Week Between 6am – 5pm (煙霧測試是在本週上午6時至下午5時)


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